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Overtime Air Notice:
Please submit requests for overtime HVAC (Air) needs before Noon on each Friday! Call Management to schedule or email 281-374-5600, Thank you.

Tenant Services

Auditorium Rental by Appointment - C-1 - 1st Floor, Suite 195,
adjacent to Suite 175. Call Management Office 281-374-5600
Rate Effective Immediately $35 Per Hour (Minimum 1 Hr.)
Notary Available to Tenants at No Charge in Management Office. 
Drop Ins Welcome.  Call 281-374-5600.

Centre at Cypress Creek

On Site Property Management
Phone (281) 374-5600
FAX (281) 374-5650
Steve Rocher
Executive VP Brokerage
(713) 577-1615
Marilyn Guion
Senior Vice President
(713) 577-1804